Rumor is a project under construction to build a platform for creating games on the web, specifically in the vein of old-school console role-playing games (RPGs). It aims to create an intuitive and smooth interface to draw up the world for the game, dream up all its inhabitants, and choreograph all the battles. The finished RPG will easily be playable to anyone within the web browser. There is no need to download any special software.

Rumor is currently under construction, but it is undergoing periodic updates. You can play with what is currently available by clicking the link below. Feel free to leave your feedback, as we are aiming to create the ultimate way to let your dreams come to the screen.

Recent Updates

Setting Up This Blog

I have set this site up. I will be posting updates to Rumor here rather than in the application. I plan to add some other articles in the future discussing the way I implemented some things. There will be a lot more to come!